As Indonesian, maybe you have heard a lot about Dragon Boat nowadays. Recent days ago, Indonesia team got 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals from this sport in Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou.. What a spectacular achievement. . Very proud of them.. This achievement also make a unity in Indonesia, because the team consist of people from Sabang to Merauke..

Back to the topic..what is the basic history of Dragon Boat?? Dragon Boat is a celebration day in China, especially Southern China. It is celebrated to memorize the patriotic Chinese named Qu Yuan. He was well known to fight against corruption in Zhou Dynasty. However, many others official government did not like him because of his principal. With other ministers advices, the King at the time decided to lay off him. But, he never gave up. He still tried to prove the truth till one day he sacrificed his life in Miluo River, Hunan Province. In that day, many fishermen raced to help him with their boats. Actually, they did not make it. So, they threw rices to feed the fish due to prevent Qu Yuan body to be not eat by fish.

Based on this story, The Chinese memorize Qu Yuan dead every year with making Dragon Boat Festival and eating dumpling rices named zhong qi. This day often called Duan Wu (in Southern China ) and Duan Ng (in Hongkong ). Also, with many Chinese spreading in all over the world, this culture also known in many South East Asia country such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore. Moreover, nowadays this Dragon boat Festival have also held in Western Country like USA.

Very wonderful history, isn’t it ? I think many Indonesians must read this story, especially for official governments to fight against corruption in this country more seriously. hope for the best for my country.