Indonesia can be categorized as a barely new country. Indonesia has just gotten its independence for 65 years. Before that, our country had been invaded by Netherland for 350 years. However, because of our hero’s braveness, we finally got our independence. We have many history days for remembering the great effort of them. Personally, I feel that the Young Vow day ( Sumpah Pemuda ) has the greatest impact in reaching the independence.

The Young Vow day was being held on 28th October 1908. It was the conference for every young people all around Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. It involved many ethnics to, such as Padang, Ambon, Bugis, Sunda, and Jawa. This conference was yielding the declaration of Young Vow. That declaration is a proof from young people all over the country for unity. It is stated in it that we as youth Indonesian have one motherland, one nation, and one language which is Indonesia.

I think it was a stepping stone for our country unity also. Since then, every single people fought for one purpose, which is an independent for Indonesia. Our fight was more organized and not only by physical ways but also by diplomatic ways. We forced Netherlands to give up with so many diplomatic conferences, such as Linggarjati Conference and Round Table Conference. Finally, it took 37 years for us to get our independence since the declaration of Young Vow.

In conclusion, The Young Vow is not just a declaration but it also made great movement of Indonesian people as one nation.