Indonesia’s First Title in Super Series 2011

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The moment that badminton lovers has waited for a long time finally comes true. Our mixed double pairs have secured one title in all Indonesian final. Tantowi Ahmad/Lilyana Natsir won over Fran Kurniawan/Pia Zebadiah in straight set with 21-18 and 23-21. Hope this winning encourage other players to do their best especially in Sudirman Cup which will be held in end of May this year.

Anw..There are something that make me optimism of our mixed double pairs, especially after three pairs of our mixes doubles dominated the semifinal India Super Series (The other one are M.Rijal/Debby Susanto). Actually, this kind of moment had happened last year in Macau Open (if I don’t get wrong). But after that moment in ast year, the progress of that three pairs has slowed. Now, the ranking shows that Fran/Pia on 14th, ToLyn on 15th , and M.Rijal/Debby on 17th. Hope all of them can join Hendra/Vita in top ten ranking in this year so Indonesia can get more spots in OG London 2012. ^^

Grand Prix Gold Samarinda and the story..

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Last 13-17 October 2010, Grand Prix Gold Badminton Championship was held in Samarinda town.. This is first ever big international badminton event that held in Borneo Island. This event was supported mostly by bank kaltim, TV one, and  Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC). Thruthfully, I am very happy with this event appearance. Why ?? There are some reasons of it.

First, this event will boost the popularity of badminton in Borneo Island which is good for Indonesian badminton development. During this time, almost every great Indonesian player was born in Java Island. In fact, in every national badminton competition Java still dominate the event. I hope this event can give more spirit for badminton athletes in Borneo to do more for being a champion.

Second, this event proves that big industry in Indonesia can contribute for sport development in the country, especially badminton. We know until this time that one of the industry that very support badminton development is Djarum Tbk. Hopefully, there are many industries will join to help badminton development in Indonesia again like KPC has done. This is important because the contribution of industries will give positive view that being an athletes also promising for life.

The last, this event satisfying the badminton fans to see their idol to play. Even though many world players has not been there for the first event, the spectator passion to watch is very high. They can see Indonesia top players such as Taufik, Lilyana, and Greysa play on the court. I believe next year, there are more world top class player will be there to join the tournament.

Moreover, there are many young players shining from this event such as Ratchanok Inthaton, Hayom Rumbaka, till Chinese twin double women player ( Luo Yu & Luo Yue ). For Hayom, it is nice to realize that we have so talented player like him. He’s just 22 years old and now placed as 25th world rank. I think it’s just a bit time to him for get his big title win such as Grand Prix Gold or even Super Series. However, there is some sector that need better improvement, such as women single and men doubles. Even though we clinch up the men doubles trophy, I think both pairs are not as good as we have had before by Candra W., Tony G., and even Kido/Hendra.  So, I think that’s a review about Grand Prix Gold 2010. Enjoy next game!

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