From yesterday (8 August) to 14 August 2011, the BWC is held in Wembley, England as preparation to be host of 2012 Olympiad London.  The good news is BWF make agreement with youtube to broadcast this tournament live. woohoo. so, everybody can enjoy it all over the world (except few countries which has banned this broadcast such as USA, Malaysian, and so on). Yesterday there were many surprising match, such as Chen Long who defeated by Kevin Cordon by Guatemala, Firda defeated by Irish player, and so on.


You can see this tournament live on this link :

The schedule for the tournament :

Day-1, Monday/8th August 2011 => starting time 10.00 local time (16.00 WIB)
Day-2, Tuesday/9th August => 11.00 local time (17.00 WIB)
Day-3, Wednesday/10th August => 11.00 local time (17.00 WIB)
Day-4, Thursday/11th August => 11.00 local time (17.00 WIB)
Day-5, Friday/12th August (QUARTERFINALS) => session 1 : 11.00 / session 2 : 17.00 (17.00 / 23.00 WIB)
Day-6, Saturday/13th August (SEMIFINALS) => session 1 : 11.00 / session 2 : 17.30 (17.00 / 23.30 WIB)
Day-7, Sunday/14th August (FINALS) => 12.00 (18.00 WIB)

So, hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to give support to your favorite player.  By the way, the interesting to see is whether Lee Chong Wei can grab the world champion title after defeated several years in Quarterfinal or Semifinal. He is eager to prove as world 1 rank he can win big tournament like Wold Championship and Olympiad. For Indonesian, it is also interesting to watch Della/Suci play after they win in Surabaya International Challenge. Hope they can do the best in this tournament and give bright future for our women doubles. FYI, today they will face world no.2 from Japan (Miyuki Maeda/Satoko Suetsuna).