ITB : Pluralism Campus

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ITB is well known as the best university for technology in Indonesia. But, beside that I am also feel that ITB has given more than the best education technology for its student. Almost 4 years I’ve been there, I feel very happy to learn about tolerance with other ethnicities and religions. I study in Chemical Engineering Faculty which I think has the most diverse people whether the lecturers either the students. There are Padang, Batak, Jawa, Tionghoa, Bugis, Sunda ethnics and also all the religions ( Islam, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu ) in this faculty. Our harmonic life describes the meaning of pluralism itself.

I am really grateful to have this experience and I believe as Indonesians all of us will do the best for our country despite our differences of ethnics or religions. No wonder many countries has come to Indonesia to learn about the harmonic life of diversity because we have proved that the differences not becomes our weakness but actually it strengthen our country more. You can see the great video of this topic at this link : which is made by my friend, Herdimas Anggara. Thanks to him so much.

kopaja insight

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hmm. today  I have experienced many things when I use Kopaja to back home. haha. Those things made me amazed, frightening, also curious. First, I am going to talk about performance inside the Kopaja. As you know, there are a lot of singing beggars in Jakarta. So, I guess every bus definitely will have at least one singing beggars when its travels. Today, for the first time I enjoy the singing beggars performance. They are very creative to make a song about Indonesian Foreign Employee case that has been hot topic recently. FYI, one of them had been executed death in Saudi Arabia and made angry Indonesian people.

Anw, beside that they are also talented because they have pretty good voices and I wondering is there any chance of them to be a real musician. Hope the best for them. But, actually there are not only singing beggars in Kopaja. There are also people give a poetry which is mainly about the difficulties life in Jakarta and how a small amount that the passengers give will be help them so much. hemm. pretty interesting right? haha. can’t wait till some people make a drama there. It will be stunning me =D

Now move to the frightening one. Today I feel my adrenaline raised up in the bus, because I almost watch the battle between my bus’s driver and conductor of another bus. They have mentioned to take their ‘golok’ (weapon such as knife) to jab each other and I think I see the driver almost take something under his seat (guess it is his ‘golok’). This kind of situation made the passengers frightening (including me) and we try to get out of the bus as soon as possible. But, amazingly there are brave ladies who separate both of them and I amazed by their braveness. Fortunately, my bus’s conductor stayed calm and help on those ladies. After that moment, I realized that the conductor is Javanese and the driver is Bataknese. I think it’s quite good combination between them when the one is usually emotional (Bataknese) and the other is calm. So, it is good that our country has many ethnic groups because we can fulfill each other deficiency. hehe. If MU’s suporter yell glory glory man united, I’ll yell glory glory ‘bhinneka tunggal ika’ =D