HELLO everyone..  This week the event that are have being waited  by every badminton fans in Indonesia has come. Moreover, this tournament has been upgraded from Super Series to Premier Super Series which has total prize 600.000 US $ (the 2nd after Korea Open Super Series with 1.200.000 US$). This high prize bring every top class players to join the tournament such as Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Peter Gade, Lee Yong Dae, Wang Xin, and so on. So I think it will have many great matches to see even in the 1st round =D

About the tournament, here is the ticket prices :

June 21:vip: 20 k, 1st class: 10 k, 2nd class: 5 k
june 22: Vip: 50 k, 1st class: 25 k, 2nd class: 10 k
june 23: Vip: 100 k, 1st class: 50 k, 2nd class: 25 k
june 24: Vip: 150 k, 1st class: 75 k, 2nd class: 40 k
june 25/26: Vip: 200 k, 1st class: 100 k, 2nd class: 50 k

vip pass:
For 6 days: 650 k
for 3 days: 500 k ( june 24 to 26)

1st class pass:
For 6 days: 325 k
for 3 days: 250 k ( june 24-26)

You can see the schedule in this site http://www.djarumbadminton.com/djaru…bout/schedule/

And you can buy the tickets online in :



So enjoy the match !!