Start from last week (6th June), I have been moved from Bandung to Jakarta for three months. During that 3 months, I am doing intern in Chevron as Reservoir Engineering Geothermal Intern. Hmm. The first thing that I felt when I started live in Jakarta was “hot”. Ha5. Fiuh. Every day I sweat a lot when reaching the TransJakarta’s  (Busway) halt. Also, I must adapted soon with the work “thing”, which is get in the office from 8 to 4 o’clock every day. Hmm. It’s quite interesting actually when you start a new part of your life. Although I had been lived in Jakarta during my high school, it is feel very different. For me, it is challenging and also interesting when you start a new experience. I have a dream to experience living in a lot of part in this world as much as I can. =D

Anyway, now I want to write about life in Jakarta which I have been experienced for almost 2 weeks now. Everyday, I use busway as my transportation tools to get to my office like most of Jakarta’s citizen as well. Even from my boardinghouse to the halt, I can see the fast beat life in the town. There are many peoples starting the day earlier, you can see many motorcycle taxi’s driver has waited for customers, many retailers has peddled their goods, and also many peoples has walked to theirs workplaces. Everybody seems has its own part in the whole city routine life. They work hard to get money and live well in the town. This motivation keeps Jakarta growing faster and more crowded each year. Every big city in the world have experienced this and I think this phenomena will spread out to other cities in Indonesia like what happens in China. Nowadays, China has many big cities, not only Beijing & Shanghai, with good city plant such as Guangzhou, Qingdao, and many other places.

So, everyday I am looking for new things that made me interested to tell about. So far, I think the interesting “thing”  for the past week was the food peddlers  in front of Ratu Plaza that provided breakfast for peoples who is in hurry. They sell porridge, “lontong”, “gorengan”, “kue basah”, siomay and so on. It’s quite interesting to see the transaction between the peddlers and the buyers on the sidewalk.^^