During my college time in Bandung, I’ve always adored the parks that have been created in this city. I believe maybe Bandung is one the city which has many parks in Indonesia. Recently, I’ve amazed once again by the brilliant movement of the local government to make a park below the Pasopati bridge. This bridge 2,8 kilometers long that connects Pasteur road and Surapati road.

Pasopati Bridge in Bandung

Today, I walked under that bridge to see how the park are built. The park has done a halfway and it looks beautiful for me. As we know, almost all space  under the bridge in big town are usually lived by homeless people (most of it happens in Jakarta). So, I am very excited to hear the plan to build park under this bridge. It will make the positive perspective for people about the life under the bridge. Today, I feel that kind of perspective after saw many children play in the park and other activities such as BMX (bike extreme). The most wonderful thing for me was to see how this mother gave his child food while the child was playing with the plants around him. It just makes me optimistic that sometimes Bandung and other city in Indonesia will have better planning city and more comfortable for people to live.

Pasopati Park (1)

pasopati park (2)

Pasopati Park (3) unfinisihed