Since I have stayed in Bandung for almost 4 years, I think I should give some culiner advices. ha5. Cibadak is a favorite place for Chinese people to have dinner in Bandung. At there, we can find “Nasi Campur”, “Baso Tahu”, porridges, Hainan Chicken Rice, Swieke,  Kwotie, Wedang Ronde, and many other things.

Cibadak view

So, last night I went to Cibadak for hunting food with my friends. I tried dish that I never have before, so it got me excited. The dish name is ” Ambokue”, which is come from Medanese I guess. This is very unique dish for me. It contains sticky rice, casau, ngohiong, and pig’s ear. All of that ingredients is splashed with sweet sauce like we find in eating Lumpia Semarang. One thing that very special for me is the sticky rice. Its texture like ‘lontong’, but it’s softer and taste like a cake. So, if you go to Bandung don’t forget to try this dish. delicioso!