Before go to the topic, I’d like to say sorry that it’s quite a while I wasn’t write this blog. This is my first post in this year, so I hope that I can be more diligent to write. ^^

Back to the topic. As we know, Indonesia is an archipelago country which its 2/3 area is covered by ocean. So, it should be have many variants of seafood as well as Korea and Japan. In fact,  our fish consumption just 26 kg per capita per year. This number far behind our neighborhood country like Malaysia with 45 kg per capita and Singapore with 60 kg per capita a year. It is well known too that seafood consumption has associated with human development index, for example Japan which we know is one of the most advanced country has 110 kg per capita seafood consumption for a year. So, I think developing our seafood industry and introduce the benefits of consume seafood can be ways to increase our HDI despite increasing our education system.

thailand nori product

A few days ago, I went to a mall and buy a seaweed product, which is nori with tempura flavor. When I looked the manufacturer of the product, this product is made in Thailand. So, I curious why our country haven’t this kind of product. I did a little bit research and I found that we do have resources for making nori. Nori is made from species Porphyra sp, which has been found a lot in Teluk Bitung (North Sulawesi), Banda Sea (Maluku), and Serui Papua. Therefore, I think it is better for us to create our country-made nori rather than import periodically from others.

Teluk Bitung

I also think that the prospect is good, with many Japanese restaurants or foods that have been favorite now and especially the increasing awareness of people to eat healthy food. So, let’s make our  country-made nori and eat it a lot for better health and human quality.

unagi, my favorit sushi