what’s up everybody..hmm..I think I forgot to tell you where is the place to stay in Cilacap. Well, actually there are several good hotels in here such as Mutiara Hotel (on Gatot Subroto Street) and Wijaya Kusuma Hotel (on Ahmad Yani Street) Now, as I promise you yesterday, I am going to tell you about the best culinary in Cilacap (according to my taste).hahah..

1. Warung Nasi Ganda Sari

Warung Makan GandaSari

This place is located in front of Sangkalputung Market on Tidar Street.. Basicly, this is just like “warung nasi” as usual. But, if you try the food.. you’ll taste a nice sensation of the food..I don’t know how the owner cooks the food but I think she do it with love ( no kidding )..haha.I guess the owner really2 love to cook, you can see that on smile appear from her face..The owner is a mam, whose age around 50-60 years. You can visit this place for lunch or breakfast, which the food are still fresh.. My favourite food are kacang panjang (long bean), tahu tumis tauge ( tofu with bean sprout), ikan tenggiri kecap (mackarel with ketchup), and daun singkong masak santan.. very tasty and yummy.. hope you like it too.

2. Siomay Lomanis

Siomay Lomanis

You must try this siomay!! haha..the best! I found this place from my friend who lives in Cilacap.. If you see the  package, it is standard like siomay as usually. But after you bite the siomay, it taste really good and the peanut sauce make it even better.. The siomay is cheap also, just Rp 1000 per piece. The siomay is located in front of halte in Komperta Donan, which is the housing complex for Pertamina employee.. You can enjoy it from 3 pm till 8 pm..

3. Nasi Sop Putra Bandung

nasi sop putra bandung

haha..I wondering how I can’t see this food in Bandung itself, so ironic.. hmm,, back to the food..The ingridient are rice and beef soup that contain cabbage, carrot, and beef slices.. The special of this food is the soup broth.. The broth have a rich tasting and a little bit thicky also.. I can enjoy this food for 15 minutes eating..haha. Eat slowly and taste the rich ingridient in the soup..very yummy. This food is located in front of Sangkalputung market and open at 6 pm till 10 pm… The price is Rp 10000 for one portion..

4. Pisang Goreng Keremes

Pisang Goreng Kremes

This fried banana outlook a little bit same with ‘Pisang Goreng Kalimantan’ which is propular in Jakarta.. But i think this banana taste better than “Pisgor Kalimantan”. This fried banana more crunchy. the owner makes the special flour himself, so the taste is very original. Beside banana, there’s fried green bean too, which is called Gandasturi.. Both fried banana and green bean cost Rp 1000 per pieces.. This banana is sold at the ” warung ” on Katamso street.. Must try it !

5. Eating at Cia-Cia


As I told you before yesterday, there is food festival on weekend in Cilacap.. This festival is held on the street near alun-alun ( I forgot the name).. Almost 20 food store sell various food in here.. The best for me is ‘Tahu Gimbal’.. very rich ingridient an taste…haha.. It is contain cabbage, fried tofu, peanut, shrimp ‘bakwan’, rice cake, and special sauce that make it very special.. Beside that, you can also try many other foods such as ‘nasi liwet’, ‘bebek nusakambangan’, ‘nasi angkringan’, ‘tahu masak’, and seafood.

6. Nasi Goreng Bebek ( Duck Fried Rice )

This food is sold at ” Waroeng Klangenan” which is located on Gatot Subroto street.. The chef of this restourant had worked for some hotel, so the food taste pretty good. I like this food because its unique beside the taste is delicious too. This restaurant also sell another food such as Mie Nyemek, Sop Iga, and the others. But, the best is duck fried rice.. You can also try the duck satay which is delicious and unique too for me.. This restaurant open at afternoon till night..

nasi goreng bebek