Hi everbody.. now, I am staying in Cilacap for internship in Holcim cementary factory.. Since I’ve been here for one month I want to share about this city with you..

Hmm..Cilacap is located in south of Central Java and at border  between West and Central Java.  Cilacap basicly is a peacefully city, where the city is not so crowded..The people is nice to everybody and i feel that the ” Gotong Royong ” culture still sticky. I think this place is very suitable for you for holiday if you need relaxation and a pretty quiet place..Oh, this place also very save i guess..haha..here, you can put your helmet on the motorcycle if you get into store or market without affraid to lose it..this phenomena is very rarely happened in another part of Java island.

Surely, there are some tourism object in here such as Teluk Penyu beach, Benteng Pendem, Nusakambangan Island, and Fish Auctionary Place. Those place are near from each other and easily reached.

Teluk Penyu Beach

Teluk Penyu is a public beach so you don’t have to pay if you want to take a walk around beach.. Fishing is common activity at this beach. The beach is not too good but from here you can see many big ship are floating on the sea.. Also you can see the view of Nusakambangan Island.. The best time to see this place at sunrise or sunset..

fresh fish

Fish Auctionary Place sell many fresh fish such as tongkol, tuna, kakap, and many other fish..This place was built to provide fisherman economy, because from this place the fisherman can directly sells they fish without chain distribution which is take a long time and can make the fish unfresh. You can go to this place in the morning between 7 am till 9 am which is the comeback time for fisherman from sea..

Nusakambangan Island in the morning

Nusakambangan Island is well known for its jail.. Many famous political or corruptor has been into the jail in the island.. But beside the jail, Nusakambangan also have an interesting tourism object. It has the most beautiful beach in Cilacap which is Pasir Putih Beach.. Also, at the side of the island you will find a fisherman village called Kampung Laut whose home are floating on the sea.. After that, you also can enjoy many bat caves in the forest that also have many stalactits. For enjoying this island, you must have permit from Kebudayaan and Pariwisata Department of Cilacap.

Cilacap also have many culinary which is delicious and unique.. You can try many food at culinary festival which has been held every Saturday and Sunday night. This food festival called ” Cia Cia “.  You can try Tahu Gimbal, Tahu Masak, Bebek Nusakambangan, and other foods. For the Cilacap culinary report you can see in my next blog ” Enjoying Cilacap (2)..he2..keep reading..

atmosphere at Cia-Cia